Dover School District Honeywell Alert System

Please be sure to update your Honeywell account in the event you change your phone number or contact information.  Some parents have voiced a concern that they are called too early or too late. 
Quite often, the time of the call is dictated by the event we are facing. If severe icing is forecast, we will try to make the call earlier in the evening to avoid a lack of communication due to downed trees or power lines.  Our cafeteria staff arrives at approximately 5:30 am in some buildings that serve an early breakfast, so we try to make the call early enough for them to avoid being on the roads. We begin internal conversations at 1:00 am, and are usually on the roads between 4:00 and 4:30 am.   The most challenging instance is when we are forced to make a decision before we see our first snowflake. 
We shall continue to do our best with the safety of the children in mind.  If one does not want calls before 6 am or after 9 pm, I suggest you log into Honeywell, disable your voice option and sign up for the text or email options.  Of course, if we had a sudden emergency, one may not be as informed, but we cannot send out multiple reports at a variety of times. 

Please click on the attachment below to view the Honeywell Instant Alert initial registration instructions which are available in English and Spanish!
Registration Instructions.pdf

The mission of Dover Public School District is to provide an optimum educational experience for all students, creating a passion for learning and encouraging all students to perform to their highest academic potential while promoting self expression, cooperation, and respect for others.  This shall be accomplished via a seamless integration of the New Jersey Core Content Standards into district curriculum and infusing the most current pedagogical practices and technology into the fabric of the classroom environment.

Board Meetings are held in the Board Conference Room
 Dover High School, 100 Grace Street, Dover at 8:00 pm.

Committee of the Whole Sessions:
January 6, 2015 (Re-Organization)
February 3, 2015
March 3, 2015
May 5, 2015 (Public Hearing)
September 1, 2015
October 6, 20015
November 3, 2015 (Meeting Canceled)
December 1, 2015

Regular Sessions:
January 20, 2015
February 17, 2015
March 17, 2015
April 21, 2015
May 13, 2015 May 19, 2015 June 16, 2015
July 21, 2015
August 18, 2015
September 15, 2015
October 20, 2015
November 17, 2015
December 15, 2015

Please note that all dates may be subject to change.  It is advisable to confirm date and location
by calling the Board Office at 973-989-2005. 

Today, 2/11/2016
High: 23 Low: 7
Mostly cloudy
14% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 2/12/2016
High: 22 Low: 11
Mostly cloudy
10% chance of precipitation.